How to Deal… When He Still Lives With His Parents

Twenty-somethings are living at home a lot longer than they used to. Especially in big cities like Toronto, moving out can be expensive, and complicated. It isn't really a surprise that a lot of people are opting to live at home with their parents, rent-free. But on a less practical note, how do you get to know that new guy when you feel like you are in high school, hiding from his parents in the basement, every time you go to his house? All you can do is make the best of it, and here's how.


Say yes to home cooked meals, and leftovers!

Cooking can be a hassle, especially when it's only for yourself. So why not stick around for a few home cooked meals at your boyfriend's house? Not only do you save money on groceries, but it takes the pressure off trying to plan well balanced meals every night of the week. Not to mention, if your family lives far away, it can be nice to hang out with someone else's family for a few hours. And the leftovers are perfect for lunch the next day!


Get to know your guy even faster

What better way to get to know someone, than to see what he's like around his family? Does he get along with his Mom? Is he respectful towards his Dad? Does he joke around with his siblings? Then he might be a keeper! Also, getting to know his family is always a good idea, in general, because if you end up together for a long time, they will be part of your life too.


Spend more time at your place

I don't know about anyone else, but I prefer sleeping in my own bed, and showering in my own shower, and having all my toiletries at my disposal. If your guy lives with his parents, he most likely will want to come to your place more often, anyway, so take advantage of it!


More disposable income, more freedom

Whether your guy is paying rent at home or not, chances are, he is saving at least a little bit of money. This leaves more money to go out for dinner, go on trips, and whatever else you two want to do. If he had his own place, you might be having a lot of movie nights in, which gets old after awhile. He might also be staying at home until he pays off student debt, which can only be a good thing for finances in the future.


More sexual tension, better sex

If you aren't comfortable very quietly getting some while his parents are under the same roof, you could just fool around, leaving the main event for when you have more privacy. The sexual tension will build and by the time you can let loose, you will be so turned on, it will be way better than if you didn't have to wait. It also forces you to be a little more creative about when and where you get it on. Maybe a quickie in the car is in order. Be spontaneous!


Try to see the good in your boyfriend still living with his parents, and remember that it isn't forever. And if it's starting to seem like he'll never move out, well, that's a whole other article.



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