Holiday Gifts for Your Boyfriend

It’s not just men who strain themselves over finding the perfect christmas present for their gal. Us ladies often struggle to find the perfect thing for our guys. Read on for a list of some inventive and affordable gift ideas for your boyfriend:

Dress up for him
Don’t wait for him to buy you lingerie; buy it for yourself and present yourself as the gift. You can even go one step further and throw a Christmas spin on it. Pick out holiday-inspired colours, or dress up as a Christmas elf and tell him that you’re Santa’s little helper. This sensual gift idea will not damage your bank account, and your man will be festive festive all night long.

TV season to watch together
Sometimes finding quality time to spend with your man is hard enough on its own. So try expressing your love simply by being in each other’s presence. Buy him a DVD set, and devote a time each week to watch an episode together. With the endless number of TV-series on air these days, there’s a show out there that can appeal to both your interests. Just make sure to purchase with caution: although we may find Desperate Housewives engagingly clever, doesn’t mean your guy will feel the same.

Create your own Christmas fantasy
Take it from Gossip Girl’s highly-acclaimed couple Dan and Serena (prior to their falling out), Serena certainly knows how to please her man. Much like this holiday inspired episode, you can create your own snowy sanctuary. The only supply you’ll need are a few cans of fake snow to gust throughout the room. If possible, rent a projector for the evening, and cast a picturesque winter scene against the wall (or even a favoured Christmas movie). Pst – you can combine this present with the first gift idea listed above. Just think of it as a dazzling bow atop of an already perfect gift.

Take him out on a winter wonderland inspired evening
Start the night off with a romantic ice skating date outdoors. If you are already an ice skating goddess, you’ll certainly sweep your beau off his feet. If not, at least he’ll be there to catch you when you fall. Then, continue the night by taking him on a fairy tale-esque evening on a carriage ride throughout the snowy woodlands close to home. What better excuse to snuggle than being amid drifts of snow?

Be his snow bunny for a day
Steal away to Mt. Tremblant for the weekend. You will have the entire day to conquer the hills together, and if he tumbles, he’ll need someone close by to ease the bruisin’. Apres ski, bundle up together beside the fireplace with sizzling a cup of hot chocolate.

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