Helping a Friend Through a Break-up

Chances are if you’ve dated, you’ve experienced your fair share of break-up heartache. The relief, the doubt, the wild emotional roller-coaster ride that doesn’t seem to loosen its grip for some time. You know what the slump is all about but what do you do when a friend of yours is going through a break-up? How can you help?

1. Listen
What she likely needs a good venting session off the bat. So listen up and try to talk less. Avoid the judgements about the situation or actions and just be a good friend. Everyone needs to dump every now and again.

2. Break the Funk
Ok. Your friend has been holed-up and in isolation for a few days. It’s time to reintroduce them to the outside world and some fun. Arrange a day or an afternoon of activities that will keep them busy and mind off problems or feeling badly. It’s a kick-start we all need and she’s sure to be grateful for it.

3. Tell the Truth
If it was a bad relationship, tell them so. If they made some mistakes, don’t avoid it but be supportive. Either way, try to be upfront about your thoughts if asked. It may help give some perspective to the situation.

4. Be there
Again, break-ups can be a bit of a roller coaster of emotions. One minute the person feels hopeful and content and the next, down in the dumps. Be prepared for your friend to feel like this and when she does or needs your support, be there when you can. It can be tough to ask for help from someone else, so try to read the signs.

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