Gift Ideas Under $10

We’ve all been there before, those Secret Santa Gift Exchanges with limits on how much we can spend and all of us seem to struggle with ideas.  Here’s a list of great gift ideas within the budget that wont disappoint.

Baked with Love

When it comes to the holidays a tasty treat never fails to disappoint especially if you’ve baked it freshly at home. Come up with a simple recipe idea that wont take up too much of your time, such as chocolate chip cookies or a festive ginger bread loaf, and pack it in an affordable festive tin. You’ll surely get to your secret Santa’s heart as you fill their stomach with sweet goodness.

Luxe Nail Polish

Nail polish never failed to disappoint no matter what age group you’re gifting.  Affordable and an easy way to accessorize any outfit, purchase either a nail polish set or a lacquer in festive colours to keep the spirit going.

Fancy Journal

A fancy covered journal with either a decorative spine or an initialed cover is a useful gift for almost anyone, whether it’s for making lists for things to do, or for more in-depth journal entries for the thoughtful writer type. Try to get one in the person’s favourite colour or a fun motif you know they’ll love to make it more personalized.

Decorative Bookmark

Bookmarks either embellished with foil decoration, a cute animal picture or a humourous tag line make great  gifts for readers of all personalities. Look for a type of bookmark that suits your secret Santa’s reading style or personality.

Festive Scented Lotion

Tis’ the season with a fragrant body lotion in scents, such as gingerbread, cinnamon, vanilla or evergreen. Lotion is a must-have in the winter and the fragrances are a fun way to capture the spirit of the holidays.  

Refreshing Body Spray

Body sprays are a handy gift for most women to carry in their purses and they give anyone a pick me up with just a light spritz. Select a scent that is floral, fruity or festive based on who you are buying for and package nicely in cellophane wrap and a ribbon.  

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