Get In With His Friends

This is a whole other ball game from meeting the parents, here are the do’s and dont’s you need to know to impress his buddies while still being yourself. 

What every guy wants is a girlfriend they can show off proudly, and if they’re introducing you to their buddies then he definitely thinks your this kind of girl. Here are some do’s and don’ts to get you through the evening but above all else, be yourself. It sounds like a cliché© but your guy fell for you and that’s the person he’s hoping will get along with his friends.

Don’t fake an interest in a sport if you know nothing about it “ you’ll get caught.

Don’t try to match them drink-for-drink or shot-for-shot, throwing up never impressed anyone.

Don’t cling to your guy the whole night. He’ll be impressed you can hold your own when he’s not around.

Don’t nag or bicker (if you must, save it for when you’re alone at the end of the evening).

Don’t sit there quietly the whole night. If you’re shy, try starting up some one-on-one conversations.

Don’t take yourself too seriously. If something embarrassing happens, laugh it off and crack a few jokes about it later in the night.

Don’t make them feel like a third wheel. Too much kissing and cuddling would make anyone uncomfortable.

Do dress for the occasion, but whatever you’re wearing make sure you feel confident and comfortable.

Do make eye contact when you’re chatting, it will make you come across as self-assured and friendly.

Do ask questions and get to know the friends he talks about the most.

Do go with the flow. If they want to play arcade games the whole night, give it a try and don’t let them win.

Do bond with his friends’ girlfriends. If you get your foot in the door with these gals you’re golden.

Do relax and smile. 

P.S. Do introduce him to your girlfriends. Fair is fair and now it’s time to see how well he does. 

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