Five Reasons It’s Good to Get Dumped

Have you just been on the wrong end of a We need to talk talk? Rejection stings, but once the dust settles, you may find that it really was all for the best.

Start the recovery process now by looking at the brighter points of getting dumped.


1. Did you really, really think he was the one? 

Chances are, you could tell that something wasn’t quite right either “ the only reason you stuck around longer was because you thought you could tweak the relationship and make it work. Props to your tenacity, but now you’re off the hook!


2. You didn’t have to be the dumper

Try to remember the cringe-inducing guilt of being on the other side. This way, he’s the jerk who couldn’t see a good thing when it was right in front of him. You’re welcome to erase him out of your life and complain about him to your friends with a clear conscience. And if you ever bump into each other again, he’ll be the one who feels sheepish or ashamed “ you can just be the hot one who got away.


3. Now you’re free to keep looking for the real Mr. Right (or in any case, you’ll be available when he comes a-knockin’).

Even if you thought you were happy in this relationship, it obviously wasn’t going to last forever. So think of it as a good thing that you haven’t wasted any more time with the wrong guy.


4. No more juggling a couple’s timetable. 

Feel like hanging out with your friends every single day? Now you can. Feel like hanging out on the couch and eating cheese and crackers instead of dinner? Go for it. This is a good chance to get back to what makes you happy, and you may realize that you were giving up too many things you enjoy in the name of being one half of a couple.


5. Think big. Did you ever used to think, I’d love to do X, but it wouldn’t be fair to Y?

Now that you’re single, this might also be the time to make any large-scale life changes you’ve been yearning for, like moving abroad or making a risky career move.

You have no one holding you back and no one to answer for but yourself. 

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