Five No Fail First Date Ideas

Dinner and a movie? Casual drinks at a bar? Sure that is all fine and dandy for your first date with the really gorgeous guy from across the street (who you know NOTHING about)¦that is until the awkward pauses start setting in. And suddenly you are stuck. Nothing to say to one another and you’ve already wasted all your small talk about the food, the waiter, and the people seated around you. You stare around the room blankly, desperately seeking out ANYTHING to start a conversation with. And come up with nothing. Sounds dreadful right? And, if we’re being completely honest, just a little dull. Come on now, we all know that you’ve got more creativity in you than that! Sorry, what’s that you say? You “don’t have a creative bone in your body”? Well then it is lucky for you that we have compiled a list of our five favourites (and totally unique) first dates! Yes, that’s right, you can officially kiss those awkward pauses goodbye (and hopefully start kissing something…or someone…else!)

1) Board Game Cafe
In the last five years these great little cafes, where you can savour your cappuccino over an intense game of Scrabble, have been turning up all over the place. A great way to break the ice, these dates can also provide a little friendly competition. If you’re interested suggest that you place a wager on your last game: winner gets to pick the next date location!

2) Local Music Show
Even if you have no idea if you are interested in the same kind of music, going to see a local band playing a pub in your area is almost always a winner. If the band is amazing, you both get a night of great convo (the band will be a great “go-to” conversation piece) set to great music, and if they are terrible you can bond over the epic fail of a date and possibly suggest a walk around the city instead (see below!)

3) Play Tourist
This is something you rarely ever do in our own city but can actually be a really fun experience for you both. Ask your date to meet you at the local tourists office, then grab a handful of maps and information on events going on in and around the city, and then just start wandering! This is a great idea for an afternoon date, and you just might find that this one will carry on right into the evening!

4) Wine Tasting Class
Now being offered by a number of city hotels, wine tasting classes are a smart, sophisticated, and totally fun way to get to know someone! Not only do they offer a good balance between “time to talk” (to each other) and “time to listen” (to the instructor), you will also probably sip just enough vino to take the edge off those first date nerves and maybe get up the guts to suggest dinner and wine at your place for the second date!

5) Driving Range
The driving range is a great first date for a fall or spring date when the weather is just the right temperature for light physical activity without breaking a sweat. Best part is that date is pretty much always a winner. Why you ask? Well if you are both terrible, you can bond over how bad you are, and if you are both great, you can get a little friendly competition on. And if he’s great and you’re terrible, well, then he can “help” you with your swing (hint, hint!)

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