First Dates Perfected

We’ve all read them before — those totally OTT articles in the men’s magazines that teach the boys how to plan the “perfect first date with a princess” or whatever it is they are spewing out at men these days and that will ultimately only seem UBER cheesy to us.

But what happens, in this 21st century world we live in, when you do the asking out and ultimately are left to plan the perfect date for you and your man? Here’s what you can do…

Stick with what you know
Use where you met your guy as a good starting point to where you might hold your first date. Met him in a bar? Try taking him on a brewery tour. Met him in the cafeteria lineup at work? Take him to the hottest new restaurant in the city. Met him on a food tour? Sign up for a cooking class. Met him in a coffee shop? Well, um, everyone loves a double caffeine boost, right? These might seem like obvious choices — but guys are pretty obvious creatures. Roll with it.

Listen for cues
We’re not the only species in the human race who can drop a hint, ladies. If this guy mentions over and over, how much he likes a certain bar or talks incessantly about some restaurant or jabbers on about how badly he wants to go to a certain game, well then, just make it happen. He’s easy to please. Trust us.

Don’t be afraid to be romantic
Yes, ladies, believe it or not, most men do like to be romanced just as much as we do. Don’t be scared to suggest a post dinner walk in the park or the prospect of watching the sunset on the beach. You might be pleasantly surprised to find that he enjoys it just as much as you do. And come on now — who doesn’t want to increase the odds of a romantically memorable first kiss, right?

Have a backup plan
There is nothing worse than having an initial date plan that fails and having to spend half the night playing the “we’ll just do whatever YOU want to do” game with someone you barely know in a desperate attempt to seem accommodating and pleasant. Always have a backup plan, ladies. Even if it is just a trip to the Starbucks around the corner. Guys like to know a girl is flexible and can improvise — so always be prepared!

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