Field Guide: Sex in Public Places

Most couples who have been in a long-term relationship struggle with keeping the spark alive. Experimenting with sex in public places can be a thrilling way to inject a little spontaneity and passion into your sex life, and the rush of doing something risky together can make you feel more connected to your partner.

What to wear
You’ll want to minimize the amount of skin exposed so you don’t attract attention and can make a quick getaway without scrambling to pick up bits of clothing. Wearing a dress or skirt provides easy access as well as extra fabric to cover up any exposed areas. The best thing for a guy to wear is track pants or gym shorts (after all it’s not a fashion show) since fiddling with zippers can be hazardous if you’re in a hurry. 

Where to go
If you’re planning to be outside, night time provides a good cover but some of the locations below can be attempted in broad daylight. Don’t do it in or near a schoolyard (even at night). Charges will be harsher if there is a chance children could see you in the act.    

The novice: Try a car, a department store change room, or a public washroom

These locations provide a small amount of privacy and minimal risk that anyone will walk in on you. At the very least, if you get caught you’ll have a few moments to get everything in order.

The intermediate: Try a park, in a lake, or on a rooftop

These locations are a bit more adventurous since you’re not protected by walls or a locked door, but are more fun since they’re outdoors and can be really romantic under a starry sky.

The advanced: Try an elevator or an airplane washroom

Speed, positioning, and timing are all important elements to having sex in these locations, but they also come with a bit more prestige. 

Avoid: beach sex
It may look really romantic in the movies but in reality it’s just not worth it. Beaches don’t provide very much shelter from view since you’re on a flat plain. Plus, the sand (and sand flies) make the whole experience uncomfortable and unsanitary.

What if you get caught…
According to the Toronto Police, charges vary based on how lenient the officer who catches you is, how lenient your judge is (if you go to trial), and how public you are. You could potentially get charged with indecent exposure, receive a fine or even jail time. However, if it’s your first misdemeanour you may just be let go with a warning.

Chances are that if you get caught it will be from a passerby rather than a police officer, so just try to pack up and move on as quickly and nonchalantly as possible. Your goal is to offend as few people as possible  NOT for strangers to catch you. The thrill of potentially getting caught should be enough to get your adrenaline pumping without subjecting people to your sex life.  


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