Do You Know a “Too-cute” Couple?

They come in almost every friend group ” the “too cute” couple. They flaunt their cotton-candy love at every opportunity; their affection is sunshine and rainbows above everyone else’s and let’s face it “ most of the time, they’re annoying. But don’t cut them loose just yet. There are things you can do to maintain your friendship (and sanity) at even the most irritating too-cute couple moments. Here are three situations you might find yourself in with an exasperating couple, and how to make the best of it.

It can range from moderate to extreme. Some too-cute couples like to stroll with their hands in each other’s back pockets, despite general disdain for such nauseating practices. Others feel it necessary to demonstrate their attraction through attempts at clothed public fornication, a distressing situation for all witnesses involved.

The worst thing you can do in this situation is pretend it’s not happening. Though annoyance or embarrassment may compel you to look away, your friends are begging for an audience”or so they think. See how they like a pair of eyes following their every grope. Stare if you can, and offer pointers if you like. The embarrassment will shift from you to them, compelling them to save it for the bedroom.

The Tagalong
Some couples are glued at the hip. Which is great, sometimes. Except when you want a girl’s night out. Or a lunch with your friend. Or a phone conversation without heavy petting in the background.

If your friend is bringing her guy around too much the best thing to do is call her out. She may not even realize she’s doing it. Find out if there’s a reason behind it. Does she need him around to feel secure? Does he get jealous when she goes out without him? Have they agreed to do as much as possible together? In this situation, it’s important you come right out and tell your friend how you feel. Schedule time to leave the significant others at home.

The Pity
Really, it’s a shame you haven’t found love as great as theirs. Someone with whom to swap fourth-grade pet names. Someone to fight with and make up several times in one night. Someone to constantly coddle, groom, or wink at continuously throughout a night out with friends. Because they want you to find strawberry shortcake love like theirs, they’ll offer to set you up relentlessly and offer pointers to help you find that special someone.

The routine can grow tired quick, so don’t let it go on. Tell your friends you’re happy as you are, and though you appreciate their help, they can quit the Dr. Phil bit. If they insist on continuing, pull them apart to share your peace. The message might penetrate better if they aren’t staring googly-eyed at one another while you’re trying to make your point. If all else fails, just stop tolerating it. Leave when they start lamenting your life. They’ll get the idea. Quick.





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