Dealing with a Sex Dry Spell

All right, so you’re minus a plus-one and have been for a while. We get it: the idea of putting yourself out there with a random or having a string of flings just ain’t cutting it. So what are you left with? Perhaps weeks, months, or even years without sexy times. What we call it is a dry spell. But maybe we should call it smart self-preservation while waiting to find a guy worth getting busy with. So while you wait, here’s how to rethink about your current sexless timeline.

2 weeks without play: Feeling the twitch?
Take a trip to the sexy store. There are so many items out there that are the perfect nightcap to a night where all of your friends talked about the fantastic sex they are having with their cute boyfriends. Just think about it – you have the pleasure of going home, having a quick and easy pleasurable experience with your new purchase, and then not having the apré¨s-sex argument over romantic comedies vs. action flicks. Your toy won’t mind if you tune in to Slice after. 

1 month, don’t settle:
Now that you have a partner (see above), find some friends to join your fantasy. Google your favourite male celebrity and pretend he’s there “ you may find that you’re more inclined to keep waiting for Mr. Perfect when you know George Clooney is at home at your imaginary service.

6 months, going strong:
So it may be starting to feel like the seasons have changed but the state of sex life has stayed the same, lonely. The solution – take a trip to the bar and re-affirm why it is that you’re not the type of girl that will just give it up anywhere at anytime. Go out and play the flirting field and see how it goes. You may be pleasantly surprised “ you may, one: find someone worth investigating, or two: realize you are ready to set a new all time high.

1 year, does not mean you’re now a virgin:
So a full year has passed and you still haven’t had the sex. Do not be ashamed, embarrassed, or disappointed. Be excited. Seriously, when it does finally happen again, see the one-year vow of celibacy as foreplay “ when you are finally ready and find someone you want to share it with “ it will be epic. In the mean time, treat yourself to an anniversary gift. It’s been you and yourself for one, fully committed year. Congratulations!

Ok, confession time: what’s your longest dry spell?

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  1. Avatar
    • Alisa
    • June 18, 2013
    Dry spell 18 years 9 months and 6 days.

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