Dating and Googling: What’s Careful and What’s Crazy?

 In the olden days, the dating process involved getting to know one another through a series of arduous tasks like talking and spending time together in real life. Thanks to the wonders of the Internet, we’re living in an age where we can jump the gun and get to know a guy without even having to go on a date with him. The pros: you can screen for deal breakers and red flags. The cons: you might be acting crazy. Here’s are the subtle differences: 

Careful: A quick pre-date Google search to make sure he’s not a convicted murderer.
Crazy: Purchasing an in-depth background check to confirm his credit standing. A bounced check in 2006? What kind of a dirtbag is he?! 

Careful: Looking up his company to understand the work that he does.
Crazy: Checking his LinkedIn profile and evaluating his resume and recommendations.

Careful: Making sure your Facebook profile is cleared of any unflattering photos of yourself. You know, in case he’s looking you up.
Crazy: Stalking his available photos to determine whether his ex girlfriend is prettier than you are (psst…she’s not).

Careful: Looking up the restaurant you’re going to on your first date to see what you can order that won’t give you garlic breath.
Crazy: Looking up his house on Google street view to see where you would live after your wedding.

Careful: Looking through his Facebook photos to make sure he’s as cute as you think he is.
Crazy: Loading those into Photoshop to see what your potential offspring would look like.

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