Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Boyfriend

Valentine’s Day can be a tough holiday for gift giving when it comes to guys. You want to find the perfect gift – romantic, thoughtful, a Valentine’s Day present that really lets your boyfriend know how much he means. But what? It may help to think about his hobbies, or just something he really enjoys. There are always the obvious choices of course – chocolates, frilly Valentines, sexy lingerie (on you, not him). Maybe all this floats your boyfriend’s boat, but if it doesn’t, or if you’re just looking for some new ideas, try a few of the Valentine’s Day gifts below.

Coffee gift card. Or other gift card to a place he frequents, if not daily, maybe three times a week. This is a very thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift for your boyfriend because (a) he’ll use it and (b) it shows that you care enough about him to pay attention to what he enjoys.  Plus, he’ll think about you every time he uses it!

Meat. Sounds silly but if your boyfriend loves a good steak, try sending him something from Omaha Steaks, The Tender Filet, or any of the other premium steak companies out there. He’ll really enjoy a nice selection of Filet Mignon or Rib-eye steaks. For a fun Valentine’s Day gift, wrap the steaks, tie them with ribbon, put them in the freezer, and then leave a trailing ribbon from the freezer with a Valentine’s Day note attached.

Gym membership.  If your boyfriend is always talking about getting in shape, try giving him a three-month gym membership. This is a very thoughtful gift that he’ll enjoy more than once, and another gift that shows you are really listening to him. For even more fun, get one for yourself and work out together! Add on a gift certificate for a massage for after that first workout.

Sports jacket and gift certificate to have it tailored to fit. This is a very thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift for your boyfriend. Every guy should have at least one really nice, tailored sports jacket in his closet, for that occasion when he suddenly needs one. (Just like you keep those three little black dresses in yours.)  Who knows, maybe your boyfriend will wear it to take you out to a really expensive restaurant to say thanks (and then you can wear one of those dresses!)

Sports tickets. Or other tickets. This is a tried and true Valentine’s Day gift, but who cares about being original if your boyfriend will really love the gift. Whether it’s baseball, basketball, hockey or football, buying your boyfriend tickets to his favorite sporting event is a terrific way to show how much you care. If he’s not a sports fan, get him tickets to the theater, a wine tasting, whatever it is he does love!

Low on funds? Try baking your boyfriend cookies, making up a booklet of gift certificates (from a sexy massage to whatever you can dream up), making him dinner, or just a homemade card. After all, it’s the thought that counts!

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