The Art of Kissing

Can you remember how it felt to kiss your first love? For most of us, the entire sexual experience starts with”if not depends on”the kiss. Psychology researchers have figured out that our responses to a kiss depend on three factors: our biological and psychological attraction to the other person and our social conditioning.

But what if the guy you want to smooch needs a little help with his technique? Here’s how to show him the ropes without ripping his ego apart.

Is he too quick? Blame it on the silver screen. Most of us females love the long, drawn-out, lingering kisses that we see in the movies. But not all guys like them. They peck. Maybe it’s because they just can’t wait to get to the good stuff. But try holding his face in your hands and kissing him nice and slow. Press your lips over his, barely touching them. Let him feel your warm breath on his lips. Slowly kiss his top lip, then the bottom. Then give him a kiss. That should slow things down.

Is he using too much tongue? Some guys don’t understand that we don’t need (or want) his entire tongue in our mouth. If he does that, just move back a bit and go to the tip of his tongue with your lips. Then do the same thing to his lips. After a few times, he’ll get that a tiny bit of tongue is much more exciting (at first).

Are his kisses too wet or too dry? Think loud, sloppy soap opera kisses. Yuck! Kisses can get too wet or too dry when his mouth is open too much. Just follow the steps above for slowing him down and that should help.

Does he have bad breath? This is our number one turn-off. Just handing him some gum or a mint (which can even be a fun toy!) works miracles. If you don’t have the heart to do that, offer him a glass of water or some other mouth-cleansing beverage to clean out the palate.

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