Are You in an Unhealthy Relationship?

Unfortunately for Heidi, her relationship with Spencer ended a little too late. Red flags shot up even while she and LC were still best friends. Only after she lost all her friends and went plastic was she able to realize that Speidi just wasn’t meant to be.

In many relationships, it is common to hear the phrase, “Only time will tell…” But does that time have a limit? Sometimes, in an effort to work at their relationship, people will find themselves in unhealthy relationships hoping that one day things will get better. So where do you draw the line between making an effort and knowing when to cut it off?

One last try

Before you put out the fire, try to rekindle the flame. Every relationship can expect to have its ups and downs. It’s normal for couples to go through a rough patch. Do you feel like you and your boyfriend are always arguing and can’t seem to agree? Maybe the two of you are just discovering new things about each other. Rather than fighting about them, try to embrace each other’s uniqueness. Not all fighting is a sign of an unhealthy relationship.

Use this opportunity to learn more about your man and his personality traits. If you’ve been realizing that he complains a lot, take the time to ask him what’s been bothering him so much before losing your patience. This could shed light on deeper issues in the relationship and bring the two of you closer together. Or you might realize that he complains about things you find insignificant and you don’t want to be with a whiner. But you’ll never know unless you ask.

How much longer?

So he continues to complain and at first you accept it because that’s who he is. But deep down inside, you know it still bothers you. This could be a major red flag. Our instincts usually know best. Heidi knew her relationship with Spencer was hurting her friendships and pulling her apart from her family. But she chose to stay with him anyway.

She should have asked herself: Can I live like this for the rest of my life? If the answer’s ˜no,’ get out now. You don’t know if he will change and you don’t know how much longer you will be able to put up with his bad habits. If you’re still unsure, give yourself a time limit. If things don’t change after a week or two, do both of you a favour and stop torturing yourself.

Enough is enough

You’ve made an effort. But you and your man just can’t seem to get along. You’re not Wonder Woman. Don’t force yourself to suffer because you think you’ve worked too hard to let it all go to waste. If you’ve really worked as hard as you say you have, do you want to put more energy towards being unhappy? Maybe the timing’s bad or the two of you just aren’t compatible. Not every match is made in Heaven. Free yourself from this unhealthy relationship before you undergo 30 surgeries.

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