6 Free Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

You don’t have to empty your bank account to pull together a romantic date. Sometimes the cheapest outings are the most fun, most romantic and most memorable!

Here are six dates that need not cost a penny:

1. Ice skating “ Strap on your skates and head to a local frozen pond for a hand-in-hand ice skate. This is fun and sweet during the day, but can also be super romantic in the moonlight when all the little kiddies have gone to bed for the night and the whole ice surface can belong to you. If you don’t own skates, ask around and find friends who wear the same size. And don’t forget to bundle up! Top off this date with a steaming cup of hot chocolate.

2. Board games at home “ Been a while since you broke out a good old fashioned board game? Valentine’s Day is a great day to do just that. It’s quiet and sweet and you’ll only be focused on one another “ just try not to get too competitive. Triple score if you can write I love you on the Scrabble board!

3. Volunteer together “ Serve up some soup at shelter, visit with the elderly at a senior citizens’ centre or walk some dogs at your local humane society. Pitch in and do something great together and you’ll both feel amazing. Just be sure to ask the organizers for tasks that keep you together, not in separate areas.

4. Go on a nighttime winter picnic “ Raid your fridge and cellar for some snacks and drinks to share and pack them up with a blanket, then find a secluded spot where you can snuggle up close in the snow and look at the stars. The closer you are, the warmer you’ll be!

5. Visit a winery or brewery “ Many local wineries and breweries offer free tours of their vineyards or facilities and even give visitors samples of their products at the end. Call ahead to double check that tours are free and they have space, then reserve a spot if you can. Then you can cheers to a happy, budget-friendly Valentine’s Day.

6. Go to a local hockey game “ Find out when you can catch a local league playing at a nearby arena. They don’t have to be top-notch players for you to have fun in the stands. Just pop on over, choose a team to cheer for and yell your hearts out. If you know a team’s colours, dig some clothes out of your closet and dress up for extra team spirit. This works just as well for soccer or even sports like dodgeball.

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