5 Sure Signs You’re a Hopeless Romantic

There is nothing wrong with having an idealist approach to love. If you are the type who enjoys planning romantic dates, writing love poems and pouring your heart out to someone, you have a quality a lot of people don’t. It is tough with break-ups, jealousy and mistrust to be able to open up your heart. In fact, your ability to jump so deep into love may even be envied. However, beware. Being a hopeless romantic is endearing, but the harder your fall the worse the heartbreak if it doesn’t work out. Here are five sure signs you may be a hopeless romantic:

Fairy Tales Do Exist
If you are already imagining your wedding, kids and life together with someone on the first date, you can consider yourself a hopeless romantic. There is nothing wrong with planning ahead. But, taking things slow can allow you to get to know that person a little more and really find out if he would make the ideal Prince Charming.

Hopeless Romantics Attract
While walking down a busy street did you ever stumble upon that couple locked in embrace as if no one was around? When hopeless romantics unite, there is no stopping their endless displays of public affection. We are happy that you’ve found love, but it would make us all a little more comfortable if you took it inside.

Love or Lust?
Hopeless romantics have a tough time differentiating love and lust. Those butterflies in your stomach, thinking about him day and night, not being able to take your hands off each other, those aren’t necessarily signs of love. Love is more than wanting to be around somebody and when you are really in love, you will realize that.

Never Single
A hopeless romantic is rarely single. This type of person is generous, caring and always giving. She by no means enjoys time alone. If you find yourself always giving 100 per cent of yourself and your time to someone else, perhaps you need a break. Focusing on yourself, your career and your goals is just as important as finding love. Getting to know yourself will help you when it comes to relationships. So, take a moment and learn to love yourself first.

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