Pajama Jeans and Other Denim Don’ts

Denim: the North American staple. And while denim seems like the foolproof go-to for nearly every occasion (not weddings or funerals “ but maybe the Oscars), there are certain denim faux pas that should never be committed regardless of what vibe you want to carry off. But worry not “ we’ve got you covered. So before you go out wearing distressed, super-low, ultra-flared, bootcut hand-me-downs (I owned them once “ don’t judge me), here are the denim don’ts to avoid always. 

Pajama Jeans
Just don’t wear pajama jeans. Ever. Around the house, to the store, going to the doctor’s office with the flu – avoid pajama jeans altogether, and pass up their comfort for the confines of standardized denim that won’t be confused for jogging pants. Please.

Super Low Rise

It’s over, forget they happened. From 2000 onward, we were graced with disastrously low-cut jeans that resulted in serious TMI situations nearly every time someone bent over without thinking to lower their shirt. (And ladies, we’ve all been there.) Britney may be back, but her pants are not. And while certain chains still offer the beach-inspired low-rise cut (who wears jeans to the beach anyway?), it’s safe to cement that if there runs a risk of showing your underwear, those pants should be burned.

Short-Short Shorts
That’s right “ short-shorts multiplied. And while the micro pants have never seemed to really die, there’s a certain age where they should be either worn with tights or never worn again “ especially since for us regular folk, showing off that much leg is arguably ill-advised. But that’s not to say you should wear Bermuda cuts or matronly pleats: a simple rule of thumb is that if pockets can be seen or sitting implies that you’re going pant-less, you should probably rethink the cut.

Matching Denim-on-Denim
We’ve waxed poetic about the Canadian tuxedo, but regardless of what certain runways have dictated, to wear a full-on denim suit is a risky move you should avoid unless decked head-to-toe in Lam or McCartney. (And even then “ give it some thought.) To match faded denim and faded denim “ especially if there’s no other shirt to break it up “ will only make you look like a cast member of Saved by the Bell, while matching dark denim too carefully will only make you look two-dimensional.  Denim can be worn together, but maintain contrast or don a different type of shirt to break it up “ otherwise, 1987 will be yours for the taking.

Too Tight/Too Loose
Extremes can be a very good thing, but in terms of wearing jeans, avoid them unless you’re hoping to win a costume party. Denim that’s too tight will not only fail to flatter your derriere, but will draw attention to every part of your body that you hate, making you feel uncomfortable both mentally and physically “ likely leading you to the brink of a pants-less future. On the other hand, denim that’s too loose will leave you looking shapeless and just as unflattering, so to come across as striking as you likely are (see? We know you), invest in a pair of shorts or pants that fit and bring out your best features. 

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