5 Romantic Gifts for Your Boyfriend

We all know the usual suspects “ those standard gift choices that every girl goes to as soon as a birthday, anniversary, or Christmas rolls around “ clothes, cologne, DVDs, gift cards. God, and we complain that their gift giving is lame?

Step up your game ladies and bring a little more love into your guy’s special days this year with our top five picks for totally romantic gifts!

A watch
No we’re not talking about a $40 Timex here ladies, we’re talking a big, bold, blinging, bad*ss watch that he will wear with pride. This is like the male equivalent to a ring, ladies, so choose wisely. Try Marc Jacobs, Kenneth Cole, Cartier, or, if you’re feeling really generous (or you just really love him), Rolex.

A couples massage
You know how much you man loves it when you climb all up on him and start giving him a good back rub? Well, imagine how much he would love to have it done by a professional¦and with you lying, barely clothed, just a few feet away. Trust us, this perfect gift is not only totally romantic and uber relaxing but it’s also super sexy. Plus you get to benefit as well. It’s an all-round win.

Personalized undies
It doesn’t matter whether he’s a boxers man or a briefs man¦all that matters is that you’re the only lucky lady who gets to see them. Get him a pair (or two) with your name branding his underwear as yours and only yours (ie. A strategically place Caitlin’s would work). Take it one step further surprise him with a pair of sexy knickers with his name emblazoned on them as well¦bonus point if you’re already wearing them at surprise time.

A perfect dinner
We’ve all been told, pretty much from birth, about the true way into a man’s heart. Whipping up your guy a full, multi-course meal that includes all his favorite dishes (and a little candlelight), is a surefire way to bring some serious romance into the room. A little weak on the cooking skill? Take him out to that super-hip restaurant in the city that everyone is dying to try and then bringing him home for dessert¦

Boudoir shots
These scandalous (yet tasteful) shots are all the rage these days. You know the drill, you strip down to your dramatically sexy skivvies and then lay yourself across your bed, your chaise, your floor, your kitchen table¦you get the idea. Trust us, ladies, you hand your guy an album full of these kind of shots, any time of the year, and things are definitely going to get¦um, VERY romantic.

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