5 Relationship Problems that Only Happen Around the Holidays

This time of year is supposed to bring lovebirds together, but because of all the stresses of the season, it can also drive them apart. Here are five common relationship problems you may experience during the holidays and how to deal with them, so you and your beau can have a merry holiday season.

Problem #1: The winter dry spell. Colder temperatures and shorter days, added with holiday mayhem and suddenly your sex life goes into a deep freeze of Ice Age proportions.  

Solution: Don’t let the holiday season get in the way of your sex life. When you’re together, be affectionate — sneak some kisses under the mistletoe and cuddle up by the fireplace once in a while. Even with your crazy and sometimes conflicting holiday schedules, it’s important to keep that intimacy alive. Nourish your relationship by doing fun, winter-related activities together like decorating gingerbread houses, putting up the Christmas tree or going skating. But most importantly, communicate with one another. Address any issues affecting your relationship and sex life and deal with them head-on. The secret is to always put in a little TLC into your relationship. When you keep that chemistry alive, trust me, one thing will lead to another and suddenly you guys are back in the groove again.

Problem #2: Where to spend the holidays. With invitations coming in from left, right, and center — deciding where to spend the holidays can be overwhelming, especially when you’ve both been invited to family gatherings on the same day.

Solution: It’s all about compromise. If you decide to attend all or most holiday parties together, you need to prioritize which ones are most important to you both and make a schedule. If X and Y are having a party on the same day and you decide to go to Y’s party, agree that next time you’ll attend X’s upcoming bash. In some cases, you’ll find it’s easier to attend some parties solo but that's something you need to determine with your partner.

Problem #3: You hate the Christmas present he gave you. You’ve been hinting at that Tiffany necklace since summertime but instead he surprises you with a scarf only your grandmother would wear.

Solution: Assuming he has already given you the gift, just be thankful this time around. Next time, instead of dropping hints, write out a holiday wishlist so he knows exactly how to win you over next Christmas.

Problem #4: Money matters. You got him a Macbook Air while he got you a new bra and pantie set from Victoria Secret. While you like your gift, you can’t help but compare price tags. 

Solution: Remember, the amount of money he spends on your gift isn’t an accurate representation of how much he cares about you.  With that being said, to avoid this problem entirely, put a price cap on how much you’re allowed to spend on each others gift. Agree on a number that’s comfortable for you both and stick with it.

Problem #5: Your relationship gets too serious too quickly. Your relationship isn’t brand new but it’s still very young. Since diving into the holiday season, what was once a very fun and casual relationship has turned into a very serious we’re-acting-like-we’re-engaged type of relationship. Are you ready for that kind of commitment?

Solution: You need to know what your expectations and boundaries are. Once you know that, then you can set the pace of your relationship. If you find things are getting too serious too quickly, take a minor breather. Maybe that means you don’t attend every family gathering together or maybe even breaking things off for a while. Whichever case it may be, that's a decision you have to make. 

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