5 Hot Ways to Initiate Sex

Initiating sex doesn't mean you have to slip into porn star mode and pounce on your lover. You can initiate sex as subtly or boldly as you want. Whatever happens to be your style. Any way you cut it, acting on your desires takes confidence, and this doesn't always come easily. Here are 5 ideas to point you in the right direction. Have fun!

Make sexy plans via text 

Sexting is a sassy way to let him know what's on your mind, when its on your mind. It'll put a smile on his face and get him thinking about you. If you want to make sure the passion will stay alive when you see each other in person, plan for it! Tell him what you can't wait to do to him tonight, or what you want him to do to you. If you're not feeling confident in your sext-voice, check out these sexting mistakes to avoid before hitting send. If you're totally at a loss for words, remember that a picture says a thousand of 'em. Men are visual creatures. 

Slow dance 

Slow dancing is sweet and romantic, but it also gives you an excuse to get close and let your hands roam wherever you want. After dinner or after a movie as the credits role, grab your partner and initiate a slow dance. Old school love music like Frank Sinatra or Etta James is best for this. Dim the lights and get those bodies moving. 

Cook for him

Offer to make dinner for your partner (seeing you cooking is an aphrodisiac in and of itself). Treat him to an interactive, finger-food oriented meal like fondue or an antipasto platter with small bites like cheeses, croustini, and strawberries. It should be something you can linger over, not something you have to hunch over and hoover. Play some music, and focus on each other and the meal. To amp up the intimate, say "try this combination" and move in and put a morsel in his mouth.

Read to each other

Reading some steamy prose together gets the biggest erogneous zone working: the brain. Reading something hot is so much sexier than watching something hot because it allows you to act the parts together. You both get to try out some minor role play, and you won't have to worry about it being too awkward because you've left it up to the authors to do the work! Reading is a great way to see each other in a new light and get some saucy new ideas.

Back massages 

If you've ever given your partner a massage, you know that things can get pretty steamy, pretty quick. Back massages aren't just sexy because you're giving his bod your full attention, but because he's facing away from you so both your imaginations can run wild. Next time you treat him to a massage, make it steamier by using your whole body. Press up against him. Massage his neck, chest, sides, and where ever else your hands lead. He'll get the point.


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