4 Reasons Tai Frasier is the True Style Star of Clueless

You know what's, like, way harsh? Cher and Dionne get so much cred for their style in Clueless and Tai gets, like, none. As if! Here is why we think the new girl from New Jersey, Tai Frasier, is the underrated Clueless style icon.

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She looks cute in a bandana


Ok, so this pink sweatshirt with denim and patchwork overalls may not be our favourite look on Tai but we love the way she is wearing her curly, auburn hair up in this blue bandana. Bandanas have been a serious accessory trend this summer and if Tai had on some high-waisted jeans, maybe a crop top and a pair of Chelsea boots, she would fit right in front row at Osheaga.

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