Stop Everything! The Gilmore Girls Revival Trailer is Here

The moment we’ve all been waiting for (except, of course, the actual moment, November 25) is here: Netflix has finally released an official trailer for Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.

*Also, because it has to be said, THIS POST CONTAINS SPOILERS, so if you don’t want to endure the terrible spoiler that I had to read while scrolling through Facebook, leave now and come back on November 25.*

Here’s what we know so far:

– Lorelai and Rory are still eating the same strange combination of food that only those two can handle without puking

– They both still make the same jokes (and also everyone still hates Ben Affleck as Batman)

– The kitchen looks almost exactly the same

– Luke is still trying to save the girls from a terribly unhealthy diet (and still failing miserably)

– Rory is perhaps not a teacher at Chilton the way we previously thought and is jetsetting around the world (including London–LOGAN IS THAT YOU?!?) like a “vagabond”

– According to Emily’s “Where are you going to throw up?” comment, Rory might be pregnant as one fan theorized/ruined for me (which okay, fine, they were talking about drugs, but it could also be morning sickness SO THERE)

– Luke and Lorelai are still together (PRAISE)

– Lorelai still doesn’t fully grasp how amazing Luke is

– …But she’s possibly going to therapy to figure it out



– The girls are having a very hard time dealing with Richard’s death, which means his absence is weighing as heavily on the characters in the show as had been reported (damn straight)

– Rory is having another job-related “What am I doing with my life?!” crisis

– Rory might actually be going back to Chilton after all

– Melissa McCarthy as Sookie is still the best thing ever (“That was pornographic”)

– November 25 can not get here fast enough

– We are most definitely taking the day off to watch

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