RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 10, Ep. 11: Double Trouble

Last night… on RuPaul’s Drag Race: This week, the queens welcomed a very special guest: the personification of all of their fears and self-doubts!

The final five were challenged to create an evil alter-ego who’d give voice to her worst instincts. But first, they were challenged to create an even more depraved character: a pancake with a face made from garnish in the mini-challenge Resting Brunch Race.

American Horror Story star Cheyenne Jackson judged such beauties as Eureka’s Cindy Ann, who she said contained the unlikely brunch ingredient of heroin, and Aquaria’s Pancake’s Labyrinth, which held her own eyes in her luncheon meat hands. But there’s no accounting for taste, and Cheyenne proclaimed Asia’s Panquisha the winner. She definitely wasn’t the looker of the bunch. Maybe she possessed inner beauty? Or some sort of honey glaze?

As the queens worked out their evil twins, Ru swanned from work station to work station dropping such pearls of self-exploration wisdom as “your ego wants to kill you.” Ru’s fishing trip for hidden depths didn’t always catch a big one: he was underwhelmed by Kameron’s insecurity with her face and Aquaria’s admission that she uses alcohol to overcome her shyness. So if you think receiving critiques on doing your best seems cringey, imagine receiving critiques on your worst fears and vulnerabilities.

On the runway, Aquaria delivered a high-fashion drag look and her evil twin, Sabatina, delivered a grande dame with a fang veil and animal print ensemble, kind of like if Hannibal Lecter and Cruella de Vil had a baby (note to self: pitch this to Netflix). Ru declared her Sabatina look one of the top ten looks in Drag Race herstory.

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The bottoms were Miz Cracker and Kameron Michaels, neither of whom revealed enough personality in their evil twins or enough originality in their looks to sway the judges. In the Lipsync for Your Life, Miz Cracker’s greatest saboteur proved to be her own wig: she couldn’t land a hair-flip to save her life. Kameron, in her third Lipsync for Your Life in a row, landed a cartwheel, splits, and whatever this was:

Clearly outmatched in the lipsync, Miz Cracker was sent home. But what of the other evil geniuses who brought their psychological warfare to the stage? These personalities also deserve a diagnosis.

Most Talented Food Stylist: Aquaria
It must have been Cheyenne Jackson’s cheat day because the actor absolutely pigged out on dice-sized cubes from each of the queen’s Resting Brunch Face pancakes in the mini-challenge. Though it stands to reason that those would all taste the same, (like pancake), Asia’s Panquesha triumphed, even though Aquaria took the great personal risk of almost barfing as she mixed disgusting luncheon meats with hardboiled eggs to create a pancreature worthy of Guillermo del Toro.

Most Oprah: RuPaul Winfrey-Charles
It’s getting all therapeutic up in here! Ru used the evil-twin challenge as an opportunity to share some of her pearls of wisdom. “What people think about me is none of my damn business,” he declared. This wise guru side of Mama Ru is very Emmy bait-y. Not to mention what other reality host plays her own evil twin?

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Wisest Nudist: Lena Dunham
Both Lena Dunham and Ashanti were fantastic guest judges, underscoring the famine of quality guest judging we’ve endured this season (Shania!). Dunham seemed especially in her element, giving Eureka accolades on her acting and describing Miz Cracker’s lingerie robe look as “something that Mariah Carey would casually wear in her home.”

The Ryan Seacrest Award for Most Efficient Use Of Time: Kameron Michaels
Perhaps sensing that they were marked for the bottom two, Kameron and Cracker took different strategies to prepping. Kameron stayed up all night to create her two anime warrior princess looks while Cracker crammed the lyrics to Vanity 6’s “Nasty Girl.” But Cracker’s Wilma Flintstone cave-queen outfit was such an Achilles Heel, her bone headdress nearly snatched the wig off her head when she took it off.

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Most Likely To Haunt Your Pee Time: Aquaria
In a rare moment of actually talking, Kameron acknowledged how important living a healthy lifestyle is to her. Aquaria, who, let’s be real, looks like she drinks Diet Coke for breakfast, couldn’t agree more, saying she cheers when she pees clear. Whether Aquaria snatches the crown or not, it’s encouraging to know that we will never not be able to see her face when we pee.

Next week, on RuPaul’s Drag Race?: Todrick Hall is back to coordinate something for the top four that involves singing, dancing, and Eureka meltdowns. Sounds fun!

Will RuPaul’s evil twin Rude Paul ever be seen or heard from again? Will Kameron give Ru the reality-tv overshare he has been gagging for? Will anyone remember that they can wash the mirror with a sponge?

Find out on episode 12 of RuPaul’s Drag Race: Season 10 on Thursday at 8 PM E/P on OUTtv.


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