Joan Collins Told Cara Delevingne to Not Be an Actress

First of all, did you guys know Joan Collins was Cara Delevingne’s godmother? I did not, and I love this.

Second, I love Joan Collins even more now because she is not here for anybody’s pipe dreams or aspirations of fame. (I mean, I think we should all follow our dreams, but there’s something about women who’ve been through it, man who can say almost anything and I’m like, “Absolutely, hello, please advise me on all life goals.”) Mainly, her goddaughter Cara Delevingne, whom she advised against acting back in the day.

“Cara asked me for advice about becoming an actress when she was 16 or 17,” Collins told OK! “I gave her my advice in a word — don’t. That Jack Nicholson line in the movie he did with Helen Hunt: ‘Just what the world needs, another actress.'”

Which I feel Collins can kind of be an authority on, considering girlfriend boats over 100 acting credits. Also, she ended up being proven wrong by Delevingne’s key navigation of what seems like a truly terrible industry, so she’s been quick to hail the woman she once tried to steer.

“It’s a hideously overcrowded profession,” Collins described. “Incredibly difficult, so she was clever, she began modelling and she has a wonderful look. I haven’t seen any of her work, but I hear she’s a wonderful actress. She’s an individual.”

I love that: “I haven’t seen any of her work.” But like, I really do. Joan Collins is keeping it real, you guys. She’s not going to pretend. She doesn’t need to! She’s Joan Collins! Also: I love my family, but I always feel weird about them reading my stuff. (And I don’t even write anything super controversial.) So let’s assume Joan recognizes that, too. Let’s just assume Joan is that family member who’s all, “Darling, I didn’t like when my family watched my movies, so I’m not going to put you through the same.” All while draped in diamonds and sequinned gowns.

Isn’t that the best mental picture ever? You’re welcome. Happy post-long weekend, everybody. Nobody correct me if I’m wrong — unless you’re Joan Collins, and then I would like you to tell me exactly how it is.

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