West Side Story is fashionably influential

Fashion and film seem to go hand in hand (most of the time), so what better way to decide the most fashionably influential movies than by consulting the recently released list compiled by the Times of London?

Topping the list is West Side Story, the early 60’s musical about life on the wrong side of the tracks (and featuring the unforgettable and fashion-forward Natalie Wood), followed by Belle de Jour, The Big Sleep and Atonement (who wasn’t jealous of Keira Knightly’s infamous green dress?).

Rounding out the top ten is Bonnie and Clyde, Annie Hall (Diane Keaton is obviously the best), Factory Girl (I get that Edie Sedgwick was influential, but this movie was just bad), Coco avant Chanel, Gone With the Wind and The Talented Mr. Ripley, and in a shocking turn of events, Sex and the City was left off entirely.  (Though can we really blame them?  The fashions featured circa 2008 are already relatively outdated.)

While the top ten obviously favour the looks of long ago (as they should), films like Zoolander and Avatar have also made the cut, raising eyebrows and clearly diminishing the credibility of the entire compilation (am I right?).  At least the influence of Pulp Fiction wasn’t denied “ over a decade later and Uma Thurman’s iconic trousers and blouse are still a token Halloween ensemble.

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