Maybelline New York Collaborates with Air Canada Rouge

Air Canada Rouge wants to up the ante on the beauty front for their upcoming launch, so naturally, they've enlisted the help of Maybelline New York.

That's right: in the spirit of days gone by, Maybelline is working on custom beauty and makeup styling kits for the 150 air flight attendants of the leisure line, lauching July 1st.

Keeping in-step with the classic "flight attendant aesthetic," Maybelline New York Canada's leading makeup artist, Grace Lee, created looks characterized by subtle cat's eyes, bold and bright lips, and smooth, clean skin.

"The Air Canada rouge beauty look is clean and fresh," she explained. "With the bright lip as the central statement, it's on-trend, but super wearable."

Here's to casual, trendy, and friendly skies!

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