Your Guide to Facials

Spas and salons offer so many types of facials these days, it can be hard to tell them apart! We’ve done our research on some popular treatments and give you the lowdown…


Traditional facial

The primary goal here is deep cleaning. The esthetician will wash your face, examine your skin, and then use a scrub or a mask to exfoliate. After that comes the extraction of blackheads, and the application of a toner followed by moisturizer. A facial may include a massage of your face and sometimes your shoulders and arms, too.


Aromatherapy facial

This is similar to a traditional facial, but the technician will also use certain oils or products made with herbal essences and botanicals to treat your skin type. For example, lavender might be used for oily skin, and almond oil for dry skin. This will vary depending on the spa and esthetician.


Acne facial

For problem skin, a deep cleanser is used followed by the application of oil-controlling products. This helps treat up existing blemishes, and prevent any more occurring. Expect extractions and the recommendation of specific products for your face.  


Hydrating facial

Hydrating facials are used for dry skin. This will involve the use of gentle cleansers (usually milk-based), as well as a hydrating mask and a very gentle exfoliation. Most hydrating facials will not include a toner or extractions.


Anti-aging facial

This will usually consist of treatments that use either vitamin C and/or alpha or beta hydroxy acids. Fine lines are smoothed out, and your skin will seem firmer afterwards. Sometimes collagen sheets are placed over your skin to promote collagen growth, too.


Oxygen facial

This involves misting pure oxygen over your face during the facial. Oxygen facials are said to be helpful in the treatment of acne and inflammation, and also to help your skin absorb products better.


Microdermabrasion facial

To reduce the look of fine lines and large pores, an esthetician will use a device to spray your face with a very fine solution, removing the surface layer of dead skin. It also helps skin care products to penetrate your face more effectively.


Photo facial

This involves a light treatment which is used for anti-aging or acne facials. You usually receive a series of photo facials to achieve a specific result.


Please note, any facial you receive should be given by a licensed esthetician. 

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