Vogue’s Health Initiative

Considering Anna Wintour’s been slammed for her choice words regarding weight and size, The Health Initiative – a pact made between the 19 international editors of Vogue – to encourage a healthier approach to body image is relatively shocking.

Explaining the reasoning in her editor’s letter, Alexandra Shulman explains “As one of the industry’s most powerful voices, Vogue has a unique opportunity to engage with relevant issues where we feel we can make a difference.”

She goes on to say that The Health Initiative will “build on the successful work that the Council of Fashion Designers of America with the support of American Vogue in the US and the British Fashion Council in the UK have already begun to encourage a healthier approach to body image within the industry.”

The Health Initiative pledges to “work with models who, in our view, our healthy and help to promote a healthy body image” and “to be ambassadors for the message of the healthy body image.”

Of course, this raises some questions. Considering the fashion industry isn’t exactly prided on sustaining a healthy body image, how can they determine who’s “healthy” and who is not?

I guess we’ll see when The Health Initiative begins their campaign – and more specifically, when we see what models they’ve chosen to work with. 

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