Lady Gaga is Desperate for Attention

Looks like Lady Gaga is looking to sell a few more tickets to her Art Pop Ball, by way of a TOTALLY ACCIDENTAL wardrobe malfunction.

The eccentric singer recently posted a high fashion #OOTD to her Instagram, ostensibly showing off her vintage Thierry Mugler… but we’re pretty sure she was actually trying to show off something else. Her low-cut top exposed her entire boob, not to put too fine a point on it (no pun intended).

Seeing as this isn’t the first time Gaga has shown some skin, we doubt the display went unnoticed before she pressed “upload”. We are totally into owning your body and showing as much skin as you feel like (hi, Rihanna at the CFDAs) but something about Lady Gaga’s selfie seems a bit too contrived.

Some news outlets are reporting the picture as an accidental nip-slip, but we know Lady Gaga doesn’t do anything that isn’t calculated.

In closing, “PAY ATTENTION TO ME EVERYBODY!” –Lady Gaga’s nipple.

Here's the now-deleted image below (we've censored it, but you get the idea):

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