White Hot: Wearing White Without Washing Out

The style misconception that you cannot wear white before or after Labour Day is long gone. This year’s spring trends are all about embracing simple looks with simple shades. With celebrities from Emma Stone to Lauren Conrad donning the sophisticated and clean look, it has become easier than ever to wear white and with the right tips and investing in a few necessary and staple white attire, wearing the simple yet statement shade will never be a fashion faux pas again.

1. Pair a white top or bottom with pastel colours
For those unsure of how to wear white or just scared by the thought of a colourless outfit, don’t have to dive into the trend head on. Snag yourself a white blazer and white top and match it with soft pink pastel coloured jeans or reverse the outfit with a pair of white shirts and a baby blue button-up shirt. These outfit combinations allow you to ease yourself into the idea of wearing white and still create an outfit that is spring trend friendly.

2. Choose clean, tailored white pieces
Wearing white is meant to give off a simple and clean look, so try not to complicate an outfit with too many clothing details or patterns, even if the clothing is still all white. Invest in a basic, well-fitted white skirt, a simple, tailored LWD or even a pair of light linen pants. The best way to maximize the full potential of wearing the white hue is to play up the simplicity “ not move away from it.

3. Embrace silhouette and flowing pieces
For some, the idea of wearing silhouetted clothing can make you cringe, but when it comes to white clothing, silhouettes can really make an outfit stand out. Try wearing a white silhouetted top  to give your outfit an equal appeal of both sexy and sophisticated. Alternatively, also mix and match loose fitting pieces with a long, slightly sheer maxi or full-length accordion skirt that is classy but also reveals a little. Hey, after all it is spring!

4. Accessorize your whites
Any fashion lover will know that when an outfit seems a little, well, meh, accessorizes can be your best friend. The same is true when it comes to dressing in all white. Whether you add gold cuffs, statement earrings or brightly neon-coloured pumps, don’t be afraid to give your white outfit a boost with one, two or three accessorizes. But be warned: don’t over-accessorize and put on too many because that will take people’s eyes away from your stunning white outfit, and you don’t want that, right?

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