Victoria Beckham’s Candid Interview with Marie Claire

If you’re all up to date on your subscriptions and magazine purchases you’d notice that Victoria Beckham graces the cover of the November issue of Marie Claire. What’s on the cover is stunning but not as fabulous as her candid interview in the pages of the magazine where the diva dishes about life, her career and future plans.

The fabulous Posh and Becks have always been the paparazzi’s favourite couple to stalk”probably because they are easy on the eyes. As iconic as this power couple is the rumour mill has never stopped making a fuss about their relationship and after 11 years you’d think they’d give up.

“We were about to go out somewhere the other day, and he was sending an e-mail,” she tells Marie Claire. “He was sitting at the end of the bed, and he had no clothes on whatsoever. I was getting out of the shower, and I just stood there looking at him. He was all tan. Has all those tattoos — which I love. Hadn’t done his hair. He just naturally looks good all the time. … So he’s sitting there sending his e-mails, all ripped. Not an ounce of fat on him. And I thought, You done good, girl.”

Trouble in paradise you say? I think not and what makes this quote so great is that it shows the softer side of this hard hitting 36 year-old and gives readers a glimpse of how much she actually loves her life.

Lately the fashionista can be spotted pouring all her talents and energy into her fashion line Victoria Beckham and is not a fly by night artist by any means. With the likes of Simon Fuller by her side this maven knows all to well what hard work is and will stop at nothing to build a brand she can stand behind.

The days of Posh Spice are over for the English native and what the future holds for these two no one is quite sure but Victoria knows it will be with David.

“He’s a good businessman,” says Victoria. “Got a good brain on his shoulders. He’s a phenomenally good photographer. Nobody really knows that about him. There’s a very interesting plan for him in the future that we’re mapping out. But he’s got a few more good years in him as a soccer player.”

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