Tyra Says Goodbye to the Small Screen

Ex-super model, Tyra Banks, has announced that her current 5th season of the Tyra Show will be her last.  Tyra, who has been using the talk show has a way to empower women, has plans to work on her production company, Bankable Productions, and might be heading to the silver screen with projects that will help women with positive body images.

Ok, I’ll admit it. I am slightly addicted to the Tyra Show so this recent news is incredibly devastating. The past 5 seasons of her show has seen every kind of episode from fashion give-aways, social experiments, 300-pound fat suits, and even a show about  your monthly gift from mother nature. Her wacky ways have become endearing, rather than annoying and her show actually turned out to be quite informative.

Tyra’s plans to say goodbye to her beloved talk show was apparently encouraged by Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey, who also announced her departure for television a few weeks ago.

I am actually kind of curious to see what kind of big screen production can also help the self-images of women everywhere. But it does seem like Ms. Banks has a few secret tricks up her sleeve and I definitely can’t wait to see what she’ll be brewing.

While the Tyra Show will be ending, Tyra will still continue her other television projects, American’s Next Top Model and True Beauty.


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