Solange Knowles Might Be Getting Married

OUT OF THE WAY, FIVES. A TEN IS GETTING MARRIED. Maybe. Solange Knowles may be getting married this weekend. And that's something we can all get behind, as long as Us Weekly is right.

The magazine reports that Knowles and her longterm boyfriend, Alan Ferguson, in New Orleans this weekend after having been engaged for quite a while. The nuptuals will reportedly take place at their New Orleans home with the singer's ten-year-old son in tow (I mean, duh) on Sunday, November 16, after two days of festivities. (Friday will see a movie night, while the rehearsal dinner will be on Saturday.)

This is actually the second wedding for 28-year-old Knowles, who was married in 2004 at age 17 to Daniel Smith, the father of her son. So who's Ferguson? The 51-year-old director has actually been close with the Knowles family for a while, presenting at the 2012 BET awards with Beyonce, and having been seen at events with Solange recently and also not so recently. (This isn't some whirlwind romance, people. We're talking real deal.)

"Luckily, I dated all of the losers years ago," Knowles told Harper's Bazaar in March. "My love life has been stable for a while. It's a fucked up thing — without conflict, it's a lot harder to write songs."

Well look, Solange. We need you to go ahead and try because some of us really liked True and would like more of the same, please. Also: this weekend will also mark the 2924824th instalment of Beyonce Watch (an activity that consists of us just watching for Beyonce at certain events).


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