Robert Pattinson’s Pout Strikes Again

The latest issue of Details Magazine is one that will create quite the stir among young females. Robert Pattinson brings his vampire vibes to the fashion glossy, and his sultry pout has never looked so good. 

But it’s what’s inside the magazine that will have people talking. R-Patz’s editorial shoot with Details is definitely hot and steamy as he poses alongside a completely, stark naked, model. Unfortunately for you vampire fiends out there, Robert remains fully clothed throughout.

Titled “The Remasculation of the American Man,” the editorial, which is considered an photographic essay, is actually in celebration of Detail’s 10th anniversary. Aside from the fact that Robert Pattinson is very much so not American and quite British, he also happened to make a few emasculating remarks regarding his relationship with a very important female part. “I really hate vaginas,” Pattinson said. “I’m allergic to vaginas.” I’m sure all the twi-hards out there would not be to happy to hear that!

Robert goes on to explain that the only “emotional connection” he has at the moment his the one with his beloved kanine friends.

There you have it ladies, R-Patz seems to be off the market. Maybe you should make the switch for vampires to werewolves… I heard Taylor Lautner is available!

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