How to Make a Sexy Side Bun

Nicole Kidman always looks perfectly polished, but when she recently sported a stylish side bun at the Golden Globe Awards, we took even more notice than usual. Soft and romantic, her hairstyle was old-school glamour mixed with modern sex appeal”and it’s popping up all over Hollywood. Penelope Cruz wore one to the Rome premiere of Nine. Kate Hudson, Diane Kruger, and Jenna Fischer all wore the style to the Screen Actors’ Guild Awards. And Scarlett Johansson wears a loose side chignon in her new Dolce & Gabbana ad, where she plays the sexiest housewife we’ve ever seen. 

Think you need a Hollywood hairdresser to re-create it? Think again. Here’s how to get the look at home:

1. Blow-dry your hair with a round brush.

2. After your hair is dry, create a side part directly over the middle of your eyebrow (whichever side you prefer) and sweep your hair over your ear. Secure with bobby pins.  

3. Brush hair back into an off-centre ponytail on the opposite side from the part. Take a section of hair from underneath the ponytail and wrap it loosely around the elastic. Secure with bobby pins, allowing the ends to be exposed. (Alternately, you could freestyle it and move straight to step four, pinning up pieces of hair without creating a ponytail.)

4. Pin one-inch sections of hair, twirling and wrapping them to create a messy, modern chignon. To create a soft, natural look, do not comb or smooth any of the sections. For an extra undone look, tease the ends. 

5. Finish with a styling spray to tame flyaways. 


Don’t wash your hair that day. Dirtier hair has more texture and will be easier to work with. If your hair is limp or fine, use a volumizing spray and a curling iron before making the bun. 

For extra lift, backcomb the hair at your crown before making the ponytail, and then lightly smooth hair back down with your fingers. Go crazy with volume “ remember, this is a look that’s meant to look slightly messy. 

Wear the bun low and loose to avoid looking like a lopsided Princess Leia. 

Try accessorizing the bun with flowers for a bohemian look or jewelled hairpins for a more glamorous updo.

Image Credit: Russ Einhorn / Splash News

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