New Couple Alert! Leighton Meester and Justin Long Spotted Together

It looks like we have a new Hollywood couple to gossip about! Gossip Girl star, Leighton Meester, and actor Justin Long, has a romantic date on Sunday night. The pair had dinner in Hollywood and left the restaurant holding hands. That’s always a good sign if you are hoping for date number two. 

Justin, 32, is no stranger to the celebrity relationship that lands all you all over the front cover of tabloid magazines. Justin Long had a tumultuous relationship with actress Drew Barrymore until they call it quits for good in July 2010. But before their final break-up, the couple had their fair share of trials and tribulations. 

 Apparently after their date, Justin Long and Leighton Meester were happy to talk to any fans that approached them. It’s nice to know that the two aren’t pulling a Hollywood stunt to try and hide their relationship.

Being that they have only been spotted once together, neither of their reps have commented on their relationship status. 

Do you think Justin and Leighton could be Hollywood’s next “it” couple? 

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