Summer 2011 Trend: The Top Knot

It’s the busy girl’s daily dilemma: can you style your hair in 5 minutes flat and still look ah-amazing? From a night on the town to a casual brunch date, the top knot is your answer to looking pretty in no time.

A celeb-favourite, this super high bun will keep you cool now that temps are on the rise. Read on for the easiest DIY ways to get knotty.

Super Sleek

Channel your inner ballerina and brush your hair to the very top of your head. Grab an elastic and put hair in a high pony. Use a touch of hairspray to comb back frizz, and add shine serum if you’re up for looking a little more glam. Wrap hair neatly around pony to make a perfect bun, and secure it in place by criss-crossing bobby pins. Top it off with hair spray and you’re good to go!

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Messy Tresses

To give hair more volume before you begin styling, add mousse or dry shampoo and brush out upside down. This look needs more texture than the super polished bun, so use your fingers to bring hair back into a high pony. Secure with an elastic, then divide hair into two sections with your fingers. Tie that hair into a knot. Pin the knot around the base with bobby pins. Don’t worry about any looses strands “ pull some pieces out at the front, by your ears, or at the back to look effortlessly chic.

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Braided Babe

Put a spin on this style with a braid (or two!) for a trendy twist. Create a clean pony by brushing your locks up as high as possible. Secure with an elastic, then braid the tail and wrap it around the base. Go one step further by working a French braid into your hair before you start. Build the braid from your forehead or neck all the way to where you make your pony. This casual yet stylish look is sure to make you the envy of anyone you pass.

B - January Jones 300x400

Will you be swirling your hair around this season?

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