New and Improved Spice Girls Fashion

We’ve got good news for you if life without the Spice Girls seems empty and unmeaningful: not only is Victoria Beckham taking on new design inspiration, Geri Halliwell’s reportedly going into the fashion world as well.

Evidently, Ms. Beckham’s 2012 dress collection is inspired by the teen-friendly icon, Emily the Strange, which explains her decision to launch a less-expensive line of formalwear in-step with the cartoon character’s feline-friendly, girly persona (though no mention’s been made about Emily’s gothic-meets-emo undertones).

Looking to break away from the form-fitting styles synonymous with Victoria Beckham fashion, Victoria by Victoria Beckham will range from $550 to more than $1000, and will boast looser silhouettes and mod-esque embellishments. (Think bows, trapeze waists and everything you’ve associated with Carnaby Street.)

In an interview with Women’s Wear Daily, Beckham explained that “these are the dresses [she’s] been searching for”, and that she’s interested in designing for women that don’t look like her: “I’m opening these designs to women and girls of all shapes and sizes, people who maybe want something less tight and clingy and structured. It also makes it more comfortable for during the day. You can wear them with a pair of flats or a pair of heels and they look great.” (Not to mention you no longer have to fear the bloat. Because let’s be honest: we’ve all been there.)

On top of that, Geri “Ginger Spice” Halliwell is set to design a collection of dresses for British high street store “Next”, which should be released later this year. According to The Sunday Times, the former Spice Girl has been “sketching everything [herself]” and while “the dresses are not stupidly expensive . . . they are elegant and beautiful”.

Bar, you have been set high.


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