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The results are in! 29secrets.com partnered with Olay Regenerist to have 10 readers review the Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Serum. It boosts skin’s firmness & moisture with peptides and vitamin B3 and Olay claims that after just five days of using this serum, skin will be firmer, more supple and smoother.

Each candidate chosen applied the serum for five days, every morning and night. The verdicts are in!

Serums are my favourite skincare product and while many on the market treat lack of moisture or wrinkles, there are very few that address sagging/skin’s firmnessI liked how this one was targeted to lift around the jawline and brows, where you often see the first droopy bits starting to happen (hello, gravity!). The texture was note-worthy because it’s more lotion-like, compared to other serums that are silicone or oil-based. Overall, after five days my skin looked super smooth and felt firmer.” – Jill, 29Secrets.com Editor.

“When I applied the serum, my skin instantly felt silky smooth. It remained soft after applying the product in the morning and at night. I found the serum was easy to use, and overall, the directions were pretty straightforward. I also found the texture and scent of the serum to be very nice, and it never felt greasy on my skin. After the recommended 5-day usage, I have yet to notice a huge difference, but think it just needs more time to see the full benefits.” – Colleen, Edmonton, AB

“The serum was very smooth and it absorbed well into my skin! The application directions were easy to understand, but I didn’t follow them as directly as I could have. If I was to follow the skin care regimen for a bit longer, perhaps the process would have become easier. I loved the scent of the product because it wasn’t too strong, and I barely noticed the serum was on my skin throughout the day! Overall, after using the serum for 5 days, I really noticed that my face was softer. A small dab of serum certainly went a long way.” – Debbie, Hamilton, ON

The serum is cooler and thicker than standard lotion, so it felt weird at first. After the first application (morning and night), however, my skin adapted and felt clean, refreshed and soft. After you get used to the directions, the serum is very easy to use. The scent was wonderful and the serum was very light on my skin. After 5-days of use, my very fine crows feet are barely visible and my laugh lines look natural and cute. My daughter said my skin looked happy, and a co-worker said I was glowing! All in all, my skin feels better than it has in years. – Karry, Barrie, ON

“When applying the serum, it was so soft, like liquid silk. I loved the mother-of-pearl shimmer. After applying both in the morning and at night, my skin was much softer and more even. Not shiny, like I would have expected. I loved that the directions were so specific, and after reading them over a couple of times, they weren’t hard to follow. Throughout the day, I was pleased to notice that my makeup didn’t need touching up or a complete re-application after work. Despite a stressful month, people comment that I look relaxed, and that my skin looks great!”Kim, Dartmouth, NS

While applying the serum on my face and neck, it felt silky to the touch. In the morning my skin felt refreshed and my makeup went on smoothly. The serum’s texture was creamy and silky-smooth, and I really enjoyed its light scent. Throughout the day, my face felt youthful and refreshed. After the prescribed 5-day usage, my skin was noticeably firmer and my lines were not as visible as before. I had people come up and ask me if I had lost weight, because they could tell from my face!Kitsa, Scarborough, ON

“When I applied the serum morning and night, I felt like it revived my skin. When it came to the application instructions, my sweeping motion was probably not completely accurate, but I just did what felt right. The serum’s texture and consistency wasn’t gritty and it felt great on my skin! I used to think I looked tired, but after 5 days of using this product, I believe it helped to rejuvenate my skin. I think I’m going to continue using this product too, because it was great to actually see a difference in my overall appearance!” Nicole, Ottawa, ON

When first applying the serum onto my skin, it was very smooth and not greasy at all. My skin felt more toned and refreshed after applying both morning and night. The product instructions were easy to follow and remember, so it was nice not having to constantly refer back to them. The scent also isn’t very strong, which is what I prefer! Throughout the day, I forgot the serum was even on my skin. I have yet to notice any differences within my skin, but I definitely love the way my skin feels!” – Melanie, Mississauga, ON

Right away, I noticed the serum absorbed into my skin very quickly, and after applying morning and night, it felt lighter and rehydrated. Throughout the day, the serum felt good on my face, unlike most other “serums” which feel as if you are wearing a mask. I noticed a huge difference in the texture of my skin, as the fine lines around my eyes were less defined! My skin colour and texture also improved“ and became supple and clear.”Linda, Surrey, BC

“I loved the texture of the serum. Not only did it add moisture to my skin, but after the 5-day usage, I noticed my fine lines were beginning to diminish! Coming from a woman who has entered her 30s, this was vital. Overall, my skin is much smoother, and I love that I don’t have to rely on my usual moisturizer anymore.”  Margarete, Thunder Bay, ON

“The serum felt very soothing post-application, and my skin felt refreshed each morning and night. While I wasn’t overly keen on the brownish colour of the serum, it seemed to have made a difference in my skin’s overall appearance. When I awoke in the mornings, my skin did not feel as oily as it usually does. After 5 days, I noticed less fine lines around my eyes, and my face feels more youthful! I will continue using the serum because I noticed the benefits. I also enjoyed that it’s scent-free, as I am allergic to perfumes.” Nicky, Chelmsford, ON





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