Natalie Portman: Engaged and Pregnant!

Did you catch Black Swan over the holidays? Well, we’re sorry – that’s old news compared to the fact that Natalie Portman is not only engaged, but – wait for it – having a baby. (Gasp!)

It’s true: the Academy Award hopeful (let’s just be honest here) has recently become engaged to boyfriend Benjamin Millepied, whom she met during the production of this year’s favourite psychological thriller. In fact, you might recognize him – he not only choreographed the film (okay, well maybe not), but he also played her dance partner on-screen (there you go).

The notoriously private actress (remember when she dated Devendra Banhart?) broke her rules and spoke candidly about her recent life developments, getting her gush on via a statement to Entertainment Weekly: “I have always kept my private life private, but I will say that I am indescribably happy and feel very grateful to have this experience.”

So, does everyone want to hug her now or should we wait until she becomes an adorable little pregnant lady? Because it’s inevitable.

The 29-year-old actress’ due date is set for springtime next year, and with award season fast approaching (in addition to three 2011 film releases), it’s safe to say “everything’s coming up Portman”.

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