2010 in Review: Top 10 Most Interesting Fads in Fashion This Year

Almost a week until the last day of 2010, and with a brand new year comes an entirely new season. And to be honest, what would January 1 be without taking a moment to look back on the past 365 days and rank the fashion, trends and our ability to combine the two successfully. Here are our top picks for looks, styles and the people who wore them.

10) 90s
Whether it’s Doc Marten boots or Chloe Sevigny herself, the return of the 90s helped make 2010 feel like just another verse in Smells Like Teen Spirit. Luckily, eclecticism only looks to continue in 2011, so rest assured that those floral minis and oversize flannels aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

9) Alexa Chung
One of our favourite fashion icons, the British television host has successfully mastered the art of keeping it real, donning a perfect mix of trends and classics to make for an interesting and unique style. Her PBS thrift series can’t come soon enough.

8) 60s
Since Mad Men‘s 2007 premiere, this iconic era has provided the perfect template for fashion forwardness and vintage throwbacks, and as we all know, 2010 has been no different. Full skirts, form-fitting dresses and red nail polish are only the tips (no pun intended) of the proverbial iceberg, and with the mid-1960s in full swing, it’s safe to say Peggy Olsen might become a legitimate fashion icon.

7) Socks and Shoes
Once a blatant fashion don’t, this controversial look was first seen on style bloggers before starlets took it out and about, and with the full-blown knee sock returning this season and next, anything goes has become synonymous with yes, you can wear socks with those.

6) Red Lipstick
Daring and bold, the return of red helped define 2010 as a year of extremes, as various shades and glosses helped bring necessary drama back to makeup. Blame it on Mad Men or our obsession with a 90s aesthetic, but red lipstick helped prove that you don’t necessarily need to be Dita Von Teese to embrace classic glamour.

5) Jeggings
What was once considered an awkward misstep in the legacy of denim has become a wardrobe staple unto itself, situated nicely between the likes of skinny jeans and leggings, and creating a look that automatically takes an ensemble from fine to fashion-forward.

4) The Olsen Twins
Perez may get his scoff on, but when it comes to do what I want, the Olsen sisters have taken to living it daily. Interpreting trends as their own versus what’s hot, the two have honed a unique image that can only be appreciated. Disagree? You try naming somebody else that can successfully wear a coat made of feathers.

3) Clogs
They came, they saw, they conquered “ but whether or not you could adequately walk in them was entirely up to you. However, regardless of blisters or back strain, platform clogs found their niche market throughout the early-to-mid part of the year, abolishing stilettos and all things pointy-toed. Goodbye, post nightclub balancing act.

2) Ankle Boots
Not just a trend, but a fashion staple, ankle boots have gone from the poor man’s knee-high to an essential part of keeping with it, ranging from high-heeled to desert-style to completely flat. The only thing that might compete? Thigh-highs. But let’s save something for next year, shall we?

1) Carey Mulligan
No surprise to pop culture aficionados, Carey Mulligan has become the Audrey Hepburn of modern fashion “ classic, timeless, accessible and elegant. A darling of North American and UK media, the actress has taken pixie cuts to new levels, and also proven that if you go against Anna Wintour’s fashion advice, you might come out looking even more credibile.

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