Lindsay Lohan To Host SNL

After a year of Playboy shoots, questionable court appearances and probation gone awry, Lindsay Lohan is going to make her television comeback after it was announced this weekend that she will host Saturday Night Live.

Scheduled to appear on March 3, Lindsay Lohan last hosted SNL in 2006, and nobody is more excited about this development than her mother, Dina.

“Lindsay Lohan is coming back to Satuday Night Live yay!!!” she said. To which Lindsay Lohan responded, “I love you so much mommy!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so happy you’re here with me”

And as Dana Carvey’s Church Lady used to say, “Isn’t that special.” Clearly, a Lindsay Lohan comeback would be a dream for Dina Lohan, who’s always warmed to the spotlight her daughter’s created. This would also boost Lindsay Lohan’s career, since she’s been booted off the Lovelace movie project, and managed to make only tabloid headlines in 2011.

But the bar has been set high. After Maya Rudolph’s SNL appearance this weekend was cited as the best episode in recent memory, she’ll be a tough act to follow. Here’s hoping Lindsay Lohan will channel her circa-2004 self when she reminded everyone why she deserved to be on the big screen.

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