Judge Sets Warrant for Lindsay Lohan’s Arrest

Lindsay Lohan has been partying it up at the Cannes Film Festival in France and seemed to have conveniently forgotten about her third court appearance regarding her drinking charges back in 2007. The judge was not too happy with Lohan’s absence and has issued out a warrant for her arrest. Her excuse? Someone stole her passport and she is “stuck” in France. 

Oh, Lindsay, Lindsay, Lindsay. Will you ever learn?

Not only has her passport been stolen, but Lindsay told Us Weekly that it was none other than her very own father, Michael Lohan, who was the mastermind behind the theft. Lindsay and her estranged father are definitely not strangers to the celebrity gossip realm, but according to Michael’s lawyers, he has been doing nothing but try to get her home in time. 

“Michael was working very hard behind the scenes to help her get home,” says his lawyer, Lisa Bloom. “Lindsay is obviously very angry with Michael because he wanted her to go to rehab for several months. She’s lashing out at him. He came to LA very much hoping that Lindsay would be here.”

Officials say that Lindsay could arrive home as early as this afternoon, but it is possible that police officers will be waiting at the airport to arrest her as she steps off the plane. A $100,000 bail has been set and she could see up to 180 days in jail for her missed court date. 

Do you think Lindsay will face jail time? I think the girl needs a wake up call, so maybe some time behind bars wouldn’t be a bad idea after all. 

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