Johnny Depp Confirms He’s Getting Married to Amber Heard

I'm coming off a decision to watch Donnie Brasco last night, so it's time for us to talk about Johnny Depp. Which is easy because this weekend he confirmed that he is indeed engaged to 27-year-old Amber Heard, who he is 23 years older than. And yes, absolutely I need to include that fact. Are you kidding? See also: how many scarves will Johnny Depp wear to the wedding.

When asked by the Associated Press today if he was really getting married, Depp responded with the following: "The fact that I'm wearing a chick's ring on my finger is probably a dead giveaway. Not very subtle." Just a real polite guy.

So to confirm, yes, Johnny Depp is really getting married, and he is also currently wearing a "chick's ring" (great replacement for the word "woman," Johnny!) because the ring he purchased for Heard was too big, but he kept it for himself. Groovy. Thank you again for re-introducing "chick," though. As well as re-enforcing tired gender stereotypes, etc. etc. etc.

Granted, news of the engagement isn't new, since Us Weekly originally reported that the two got engaged in January. But to further drive the point home, Depp also said he'd be better at "making women's shoes than [he] would be at wedding planning," so . . . sure. 

Evidently, life isn't Donnie Brasco. It is, instead, Johnny Depp promoting a movie and confirming the ring on his finger belongs to a chick.


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