John Galliano suspended from Christian Dior

The fashion news has been never-ending in the wake of New York, London and Milan Fashion Weeks, but unlike Fall and Winter 2011’s hottest trends, this time, a major industry presence has come under fire for an alleged verbal assault.

Christian Dior‘s John Galliano was arrested in Paris this morning after an altercation led the Creative Director to allegedly make “anti-Semitic” remarks to a couple at La Perle in the city’s Marais district. Sources claim the designer had been drinking at the time of the arrest, while another witness has stepped forward to contradict such accusations, maintaining the couple provoked the altercation, and that when police arrived in the wake of the argument, “it was all very calm”. The witness also revealed to Vogue UK that she “definitely didn’t hear him say anything anti-Semitic or against religion”, which makes his suspension from the fashion house even more surprising. (Especially since the incident itself constitutes as relatively shocking.)

As of yesterday afternoon, Dior confirmed that Galliano has been suspended pending investigation, with chief executive Sidney Toledano claiming they can “affirm with the utmost conviction its policy of zero tolerance towards any anti-Semitic or racist behaviour” and that “pending the results of the inquiry, Christian Dior has suspended John Galliano from his responsibilities”.

(Yikes. Looks like things are about to get a little awkward around the water cooler.)

Needless to say, this debacle is by definition insane, considering Galliano was admitted to the French Legion of Honour in 2009, and has no history of such Charlie Sheen-esque confrontations. Here’s hoping there’s been a major misunderstanding, because frankly, the last thing the fashion world needs is their own Mel Gibson. (Too soon?)


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