It’s Happening: Gigi Hadid is Now a Designer

It’s Gigi Hadid’s world and we’re just living in it, you guys. Or, that’s my takeaway from today’s news that the model will be designing a capsule collection for Tommy Hilfiger . . . because she’s also the new brand ambassador. Because of course.

“I never I would be asked to design a capsule collection, so it still feels like a dream that Tommy approached me to collaborate,” she said today. “His company is one that I genuinely love and have been a fan of for my entire life, and Tommy is the easiest, most fun person to work with.”



“I have always looked up to his brand, campaigns, and design style,” she continued. “I think our collection celebrates the iconic Tommy lifestyle and mixes a bit of everything: there are styles that are really hippy-chic, styles that are sporty streetwear, and styles that are tomboy but girly; everyone’s going to love a different part of it.”

Honestly, I better Gigi. I better love all of it, TBQH.

Anyway, here’s what we know: the line will hit stores in autumn 2016, and according to Vogue will consist of sportswear, footwear, accessories, and a new fragrance which “will celebrate Hadid’s unique take on modern style, fused with Hilfiger’s signature ‘classic American cool heritage.'”

And okay, fine. I give up. You win, Gigi Hadid. I will probably buy a thing you designed. Are you happy now? Is this what everything was for? My approval? Well, you can have it. Fine. Take my approval. You work hard, so I guess this is it: I will now subscribe to the Gigi Hadid narrative and join the masses in their unwavering support of you. And it better be worth it. I’m not kidding. Are you funny? Can you make me laugh? Can you try to, at least? I mean, I can support your hustle and your heart, but I won’t lie, we will never be friends unless you’re a weirdo whose sense of humour has been described as “annoying” at least once. (Like mine.) I don’t know what normal people are like, and I never actually want to, so you better have a campaign that embodies the majesty of being a person who was told they couldn’t come to Deanna’s party because she hated you. (Which is 100% a thing that happened to me in grade 11, and Deanna, if you’re reading this I will never forget that, so sleep soundly every night knowing I have and will always tell everybody this story, and everyone always says, “Oh my god! Really?” Yes really.)

So Gigi, those are the terms. I will buy at least one of your Tommy things, but to earn my unwavering support, I’ll need to know a little more. Until then, you have my approval in terms of fashion and style and working accordingly, and because of the aforementioned, I guess this is it. I’m on Team Gigi now. We’re not friends, but we get along. That’s the narrative.

Because you did it all for me.

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