It’s “Frozen” vs. “American Hustle”

To be completely honest with you guys and myself, after seeing American Hustle, all I wanted to do was dress and dance like Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence's characters because frankly, who didn't.

But get this: despite the on-point (for this year, even) looks from the '70s heist film, Frozen's YouTube makeup tutorials are getting more traction.

According to Fashionista, searches for "Frozen hair tutorial" and "Frozen makeup tutorial" generate 98,400 and 111,000 results. Meanwhile, American Hustle only got 11,900 and 13,600 hits for "American Hustle hair" and "American Hustle makeup tutorial" — which doesn't even beat out J-Law's other lesser-known film, Catching Fire which got 29,500 and 35,700 hits for hair and makeup tutorials, respectively.

So what gives? Well, first, Frozen's looks — despite being animated — are next level. Dark purple eye makeup, a giant braid with snowflakes in it, and tons of eyeliner. Who wouldn't want to watch a makeup tutorial about that. Second, Frozen reaches the "most likely to YouTube a makeup tutorial" demographic a little bit more. American Hustle is a very adult film, and Catching Fire is also grittier and less about "how to get this look" and more "how to survive a competition in which the sole purpose is to be or be killed." Obviously Frozen wins the race.

As for what kind of YouTube tutorials we're talking about, you can watch one right here.

Though for the record, I'm still more intrigued by Jennifer Lawrence's "Live and Let Die" updo.

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