Go Back to Your Regularly Scheduled Programming, Awards Season is Almost Over

We made it, you guys. Another awards season is in the bag and you did marvellously! You talked about the movies you liked and disliked, faked your way through conversations about the movies you didn’t see, flipped through all of the red carpet coverage and highlight reels and have an almost-educated opinion on whether or not Leo deserves the award at the Oscars tonight. Well done!

After tomorrow (or, rather, about a week from now when all the Oscar coverage dies down to a dull roar), we get to go back to our regularly scheduled programming. Obviously, we love the awards shows here at 29Secrets and I’m sure it comes as no surprise to anyone that Leo is a favourite among some of the writers, but, just like after a weekend-long family reunion, we’re tired and ready to go home and hang up our awards show live-tweeting skills for another season.

We get to go back to watching movies for the hell of watching movies and not because we want to see what all the hype is about or trying to keep up with the conversation or are trying to sound really current and impressive by working your way through all of the big Oscar titles (like me–I’M ALMOST THERE).

We get to watch a movie without speculating its fate (for now, anyway, until the new crop of Oscar hopefuls start debuting in theatres).

We get to go back to pretending like we’re up-to-date on who the current singer/songwriters are instead of watching the Grammys asking, “Who?” like some sort of cranky decrepit old person.

We get to go back to regular primetime television without wondering if we’re missing anything important on whatever awards show is happening on another channel. We get to stop feeling guilty about not giving a shit if the Grammys are on because so is The Bachelor, dammit.

We get to stop getting so damn emotionally invested on whether that actor deserved or didn’t deserve the award and whether he really was just startled or throwing shade at Lady Gaga after all.

We get to go back to watching regular good old-fashioned guilty pleasures like Survivor (what season is this?) knowing that it’ll probably never get an Emmy again, BUT WHO CARES?!

We get to stop pretending like we understand the difference between the Golden Globes, Critics’ Choice Awards, BAFTAs, Screen Actor’s Guild Awards and the Oscars, at least for another year.

And hopefully, hopefully, we get to stop asking ourselves “WILL THIS BE LEO’S YEAR?” because, dammit, he’s waited long enough.

We get to go back to re-watching Gilmore Girls for the millionth time because we don’t need to keep up with the cool new show that may or may not get nominated next year.

We get to go back to getting to bed on a Sunday night at a reasonable time (just me?) instead of waiting until the already-long awards show runs even longer than is scheduled.

We get to go back to just our Netflix subscription instead of running around trying to find a friend with cable to watch with or struggling with streaming red carpet coverage.

But, that’s next week, because tomorrow, we have other business to take care of. And that’s watching every moment of the Oscars with bated breath because this is the moment we’ve all been waiting for.

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