Gear Up for the Naked 3 Palette

Well let's be honest with ourselves and everyone we love: ever since most of us saw Urban Decay in Seventeen magazine in the '90s, we've felt a little something-something for the brand. And now we can get ready to feel even more. (#emotions)

According to Refinery 29 who did some Reddit research, Urban Decay will be reportedly releasing the Naked 3 palette — confirmed after the brand posted a video to their Facebook page. The official statement? "It's coming." And literally nothing else.

However, this is where the investigative reporting comes in: the photos leaked to Reddit match the palette colours in the video — but not really. As Refinery 29 pointed out, the colours look almost too similar to those in the Naked 1 and 2. Like maybe the originals were tampered with juuuust enough to seem like they're brand new.

Either way, get set for an incoming Urban Decay offering. Because while the brand still hasn't made an official statement, a video is arguably statement enough. (Just give us a date! A date! That's all we ask! We work hard! WE DESERVE THIS.)

(Maybe outburts like that is why they're holding back details. Sorry about that, Urban Decay.)

[image via Pinterest]

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